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Hey, just in case your blogroll hasn’t been updated, we moved our site over to http://www.ourmotionisstop.com

There are quite a few new posts on there and there should be more as we finish up this last week of animation.


Hey, we just finished the new site, meaning this one is officially a dud.

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So the past week there have been varied amounts of travel and landlord confusion which has led to a short limbo with the project. Everyone is back now and we have new keys to the studio(gold keys!) and we’re ready to get back to making some magic.

Last week we had limited access to one of the best foley studios in rochester over at RIT and pumped out some ear grinning goodness. Rob being the main audio guy with Alex, Dave and Giana making noise.

Before we had access to the foley room, we were able to get into one of the smaller sound booths on campus, Dave had his go at some selected noise-makers.

Inside the real foley studio.

The header has been molded, animated, photoshopped, reanimated, masked, resized, edited and finally rendered to perfection.  Rob is currently relaxing with some organic juice in Maine while Kirsten waits for wind dried underwear by his side.  After his juice, Rob will create some sound effects for the header and we will have our first content release EVER!  The goal is next week sometime, the more comments we get, the earlier we release it(hows that for fan interaction).

While you wait, enjoy this flurry of random photos from the past week.

Creating clay letters for the header.

Making diamonds is hard work.

The setup for some reshooting on the header animation.

Alex enjoying all the light provided by the giant windows in the studio.

A salvaged thingamajigger. With some animated cotton on top, should make a great tooter.

Rob testing out some audio.

Another part for the machine, soon to be converted into something elaborate.

The hair curlers/grinders pre-spraypaint.

Our character's living quarters; the things you find at craft stores.

The final bird sketch for the intro sequence.

Its been awhile since we’ve gotten up some studio pictures and considering the progress we’ve made, its about time.

We’ve all been working on a few different projects, one of which is a new ‘identity branding’ for our collective. We were feeling our blog header didn’t show enough about who we are, so a night was spent creating letters in playdough and sculpey and then next animating what they made in the studio.

Sketches and plans before animation.

And then the mess that remained after.

David is currently working to finish the post production of the animation and Rob is collecting sounds, so stay tuned for an unveil of the new “Our Motion is Stop” identity soon.

While half the team was working on that, the other kept working on The Machine. After Kirsten finished up constructing a mini house for the first part of the animation (we can’t show you everything!), she moved onto one of the elements of the machine. Stayed tuned for a post from her, explaining a little more about the craft (and childhood memories) that goes into making each piece.

Kirsten and her strongly-smelling-like-coffee mountain.

Latch hooking grass details into the top.

And, AND (yes there’s more) Nicole wants to get another post up later this week with a start to finish progression of one of the elements that is going into the machine. You’ll witness what it takes to bring a sketch to life and all the weird pieces that go into each.

Sneak peek: A glass panel for one of the elements. I'll show you how I made it later this week.

Hair curlers turned metalic gears.

Make sure to add us on twitter (ourmotionisstop) so you can keep up to date with our day to day adventures.  Here is a few more images from around the studio. And as always, if your reading, let us know what you think.

On set while animating our new idenity.

During animation! Its a long process, if you couldn't tell by their faces.

A really, really long process (Kirsten's sewing skills in the background).

The studio the following morning, before Georgi and I decided it deserved a much needed cleaning.

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